Fanny M. Andrews Early College Prep


Hi! We are Ms. Suttle-Field and Ms. Parlange-Valdes and we are very excited to be working with students and parents as the school counselors at Andrews Elementary. As counselors we work with all students to help them have a successful experience at school.

We visit classrooms once a month and work with small groups to discuss topics such as self-esteem, diversity, conflict resolution, bullying, career exploration, and others. Small groups meet once a week for six weeks. Each lesson lasts for approximately 30 minutes. We use games, songs, puppets, and stories to help children understand and apply concepts.

We also organize and participate in school events such as Red Ribbon Week, Career Day, and No Place for Hate activities, and collaborate the Social Emotional Learning department to implement new ideas on our campus.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with the students. Feel free to call any time you have a concern about your child and we will do our best to help you.


Mrs. Clelia Parlange – Valdes, Ms. Suttle-Field


Phone: (512) 414-5634